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229 W Mason St, Springfield, IL 62702 | (217) 492-1110

229 W Mason St, Springfield, IL 62702 | (217) 492-1110

Our History


Although the Sportsman's Lounge name dates back to 1963, the main structure with the cast-iron facade can be traced back to around 1866 through The Union Iron and Foundry Co. out of St. Louis.

The building has changed many hands over the years but with nearly all of them it has remained some form of saloon other than during the prohibition era, where it was managed as a "coffee & tea" or meat and grocery store. Having said that, there are many stories and rumors that even during the prohibition years they managed to serve their patrons - rightfully so.

There is some speculation that at some point early on the building may have served as a livery stable, where horses and carriages were kept while their owners visited the capitol and downtown area. Recently while cleaning up the place evidence of an old horseshoe was found to support this theory, which now hangs over the main entrance door.

Whether it was the Troesch Grocery and Saloon, Benner Tavern, Hammon's Tavern, Larsen's Tavern or Sportsman's Lounge this establishment has always been there for its neighborhood.